Don’t push away these hibernating days…embrace them!

DSC08342With the holidays behind us it’s easy to want to jump into the next holiday too quickly. Or worse yet, to create a sense of dread for these cold days still ahead. Instead, I am taking advantage of what January and February offer… a chance to hibernate a bit. Make comfort food. Create handmade things that make me happy. Take time to reflect on the past year without worrying about resolutions, fear, or gift returns…simply reflect. I’m pulling on more of my favorite wool sweaters and layering up with warm comfy socks. Creating inviting spaces in front of the fireplace for myself, a few intimate gatherings and of course, my dog. I’m taking time to sip another cup of coffee or hot cocoa.

Instead of trying to push past this back half of winter to quickly, in pursuit of spring, I think I need to heed what nature does best during these months. Focus on what I/we need most Рrest. Like nature Рthis the time to rest before renewal. Renewal of our spirits. So, next time your look out over your wintery snowscape Рtry reflecting on a few memories from the past year that will help you in this regeneration of yourself before spring. Hold it sacred in the quietness of your inner space. Spring will be here soon enough and we can bloom then in our intended time. Until then, rest and renewal to you.

cheers, from the soulfulhandmade studio!